Inspired by a couple of posts I thought I’d resume my blogging effort. This is predominantly for me than the void I’m sending this into. Last year, was trying on lots of fronts, as for all us in our own ways i am sure. …

Cloudwatch on AWS Lamda and Gateway

I recently tested my newly created API Gateway pointing at Lamda using

npx aws-api-gateway-cli-test

It took quite a lot of parameters…

Well anyway… long story short, I got this … a lot

npx: installed 110 in 13.123s
Authenticating with User Pool
Getting temporary credentials
Making API request
{ status: 403,
statusText: 'Forbidden'…

Serverless and Stripe payment intents

Small log today to just talk about a snag I ran into integrating Stripe into the serverless stack following :

Payment intents

While not strictly needed if you’re in the US but:

On September 14, 2019, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) took effect in Europe. Under this regulation…

Some notes so far learning S3 and Cloudfront on AWS

S3 General

  • Object-based storage — some might call it blob, can be any bytes, immutable once created.
  • Durability by duplication across the network
  • 0–5TB file limit
  • No limit on storage per account
  • Buckets are flat, unique in name across all AWS
  • Buckets can be accessed via URL
  • Uploading to S3 returns a…

Cloudfront introductions

What is it?

My take

It’s a CDN for static and dynamic content. It replicates your content across AWS zones but also what they call edge locations which I just see as cached content closer to the end-user with the lowest latency it can grant you.

Do I use it currently?

Yes, I personally use it in production to…

Simple Storage Service (S3) — Part 1

I’m starting with something I’m sort of familiar with, of all the AWS services, this one is probably one of the older ones, and it's probably something we’ve all used without realizing it.

This is not an exhaustive article, I’m learning and writing about this in one day (an hour…

Kevin Jones

Fullish-stack engineer ( and Lead front-end engineer @Cinch with 20 developing stuff for things with screens since the turn of the millenium.

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